Lisa Turner

Travel is life-changing, opening our eyes to the world’s beauty and connecting us to other people.

That’s why as a Virtuoso travel advisor, I love putting together amazing custom vacations. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn new things every day, and be a true student of the world.

My professional experience began as a brand-new teacher with an English degree in a very fast-paced environment. All classrooms are hectic, but mine was in Seoul, Korea teaching English as a second language. I quickly discovered how important attention-to-detail and careful listening are to work success. But it was my grandparents who first ignited my love for travel when they took me Africa and Europe as a child. Years later, I had the good fortune of living in France as a university student, learning the language and happily exploring.

Lisa Turner


I’m available Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in the Bellevue office

Product Specialties:

Adventure travel
Hawaii Isles