Lisa Turner

My professional experience began as a brand-new teacher with an English degree in a very fast-paced environment. All classrooms are hectic, but mine was in Seoul, Korea teaching English as a second language. I quickly discovered how important attention-to-detail and careful listening are to work success. But It was my grandparents who ignited my love for travel when they took me to Africa and Europe as a child. Years later, I had the good fortune of living in France, learning the language and happily exploring.

At Stellar Travel, my title is Travel Services Assistant. My responsibilities include assisting our clients by preparing their Umapped travel documents (Umapped is our exciting mobile itinerary app). These itineraries combine all vital trip information including flights, car rentals, hotels, tours, restaurant reservations and more, easily accessed on your smartphone. I assist our vacation travel advisors with many trip-planning details for clients, coordinating with hotels, tour companies, and cruise lines. Also, I enjoy writing and I’m responsible for our weekly travel blog articles.

I love my job and the opportunity to learn every day. My goal is to become a travel advisor, and I’m on the Stellar Travel/Virtuoso Advisor career training path. Meanwhile, I’ll look forward to meeting you soon – in person or by phone!


Lisa Turner


I’m available Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in the Bellevue office

Product Specialties:

Adventure travel
Hawaii Isles