Zero G Weightless Experience Comes to Seattle this August

Adventurers, daredevils, and wannabe astronauts take note – the Zero G Experience is coming to Seattle this summer (and other cities near you).

There’s been a lot of hype, but what is Zero G?

Zero G allows you to truly experience weightlessness – floating, spinning, gliding through the air – without going to outer space. This takes place on board a modified Boeing 727, which performs parabolic arcs creating a weightless environment within the plane.

Guests must be at least 8 years, but there’s no upper age limit – their oldest guest (so far) was 93!

Zero Gravity Corporation is one of Stellar Travel’s Virtuoso tour providers, meaning they are committed to providing unforgettable experiences with a truly exceptional level of service.

To make sure you don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, talk to your Stellar Travel advisor today.

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