Alaska Airlines is tightening their check in window.  At most domestic airports the check in time will change from 30 to 40 minutes prior to departure regardless if a bag is checked or not.*    International flights will continue to require check-in 60 minutes prior to departure.  Many travelers take advantage of checking in 24 hours in advance either on-line or via the Alaska Air app and won’t be effected by the change.   Passengers who miss the cutoff will be offered a $25 same day seat on the next available flight. 

"Our previous policy sent a mixed message by having different cutoff times, depending on the airport and whether a customer is checking bags," said Jeff Butler, Alaska Airlines' vice president of customer service – airports and cargo. "The new policy will make check-in times the same for everyone, making it easier for passengers to remember the cutoff, regardless of how they are checking in and whether they're checking a bag. A consistent cut-off time should make things easier for customers and employees alike."


*Stellar Travel and the TSA recommend arrival at the airport at least 1 hour in advance to get through the security check point, make your way to the gate and board your flight.