740x-1It looks like something out of a science fiction movie – a futuristic pod hovering above the water and “flying” down the river.

Only, it’s not simply fiction. This is called a SeaBubble and soon, you can go for a ride in one. A small number of them are scheduled to roll out for trials in Paris during spring 2017.

The SeaBubble is a zero-emission transportation pod, which zooms down the river thanks to solar power. It’s lightweight, made of fiberglass and dense foam, and designed to be as aerodynamic and eco-friendly as possible.

The vision of sailing and yachting enthusiast Alain Thébault as well as windsurfer Anders Bringal, the craft is a creative solution to the problems of traffic congestion and environmental pollution.

If you’d like the chance to ride inside a flying bubble on the Seine, your Stellar Travel advisor can help you plan a Paris getaway.

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