Japan is well-known as a country that embraces all things cute. As the originator of the animal café trend, they boast numerous cafés where one can enjoy a coffee while snuggling up with everything from cats to dogs to bunnies.

Now, at a new café called “Harry” in Tokyo’s Roppongi district, hedgehogs can now be added to the growing list.

The café boasts 20-30 different breeds of baby hedgehogs, which are available to play with or take home as a pet. For a fee of around $10.00, one can purchase an hour of time playing with the tiny mammals. However, use caution, as their bodies are quite prickly!

The café’s name comes from a play on the Japanese word for hedgehog, “harinezumi.” Since its February grand opening, Harry has become a popular local hang-out, with patrons often lining up out the door on the weekends.

Still, if hedgehog cafés aren’t your cup of tea, your Stellar Travel advisor can offer many unique ideas for a memorable vacation anywhere you choose, combining the best of the traditional… and the unusual!


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