The Iceland volcano eruptions that are causing flight cancellations and delays have created some uncertainty about upcoming trips to Europe. You need a travel agent as your safety net! Here’s what we’ll do for you at Stellar Travel:

  • Our business and vacation traveler’s flights are monitored and we take care of re-booking all reservations.
  • We use our inside contact relationships at international airlines because they give our clients priority. During flight cancellation periods, it is very difficult for internet-booked customers to get through to a real live airline person.
  • If flights are cancelled, we secure refunds and/or apply ticket values to future travel dates.
  • We re-book the entire itinerary to ensure hotels and car rentals are re-scheduled to match flight changes.
  • We help you sort through travel insurance programs for trip cancellation coverage options.
  • Bottom line: We do things you can’t do yourself and give you peace of mind!

There are some good, last-minute values on 2010 Europe tours and Mediterranean cruises. To be a happy traveler, email or call us at 425.747.1900.


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