Current events have become pretty depressing these days, but there’s some good news: a recent study shows that sea turtles are coming back from the brink of extinction.

Scientists analyzed turtle populations in nearly 60 different regions around the world and found that on the whole, their numbers are finally increasing.

The scientists looked at data from almost 300 sea turtle nesting sites. Some sites were monitored for as little as 6 years, and others for as many as 47 years. While some sites showed declining numbers, nearly 3 times as many sites showed significant increases.

While it’s hard to determine an exact reason for the sea turtle comeback, scientists point to stricter conservation laws and safer fishing practices.

A great place to see turtles in their natural habitat is the Caribbean. Bonaire (unscathed during this hurricane season) is known for its exceptional marine life and clear, deep waters. Snorkeling and diving are outstanding – but if you’d rather stay dry, take a glass-bottomed boat tour for a breathtaking view. In addition to sea turtles, you can spot colorful coral reefs and dazzling tropical fish.

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Photo by Tanguy Sauvin

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