In addition to renting cars, RV’s and electric bikes, Hertz Amsterdam is now renting boats.  No more cruising the canals in tiny human powered paddleboats. By partnering with Amsterdam based Boot Amsterdam, you now have the opportunity to cruise the canals in one of 11 stylish boats, many from as far back as 1910.

While not an inexpensive ride, Hertz is offering an intimate way to see the city.  Kept in pristine condition the boats are open to enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam, or can be covered to protect you from the beauty of Amsterdam’s weather.  Plus, they’re the perfect size to cruise through the smaller canals to show off the more inaccessible sites that most visitors never get to see.

More than a quick spin through the canals, Hertz and Boot Amsterdam offer an extensive menu.  A 5 star meal for a romantic cruise with your sweetie, opt for the onboard BBQ chef for your boat party or order high tea and sail in style.

Contact your Stellar Travel advisor to help put together your canal cruise!