While Dubrovnik is considered the Pearl of the Adriatic, savvy travelers will head down the coast to nearby port of Kotor, Montenegro. It’s less than 60 miles away, but it offers some relief from the crowds.

The best way to arrive in Kotor is by sea. Sailing through the Bay of Kotor, you’ll pass the longest and most dramatic fjord in Southern Europe. Be ready on deck with your camera in hand to capture the stunning landscapes.

Once your ship docks in the harbor, disembark to discover a magical medieval city that’s exceptionally well-preserved. Wander the narrow stone streets, marvel at ancient palaces and cathedrals nearly a thousand years old. Stay for the evening, if you can – after dark, the city comes alive with lively cafes and bustling taverns.

You can explore the beautiful port city of Kotor on several upcoming Princess cruises. This November, the Adriatic & Aegean Connoisseur takes guests on a captivating 11-night voyage through Italy, Greece, Montenegro, and Croatia. Or consider the classic 10-night Western Mediterranean voyage, heading from Rome to Barcelona with several upcoming sailings to choose from.

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