Tradewinds dead, humidty high, waves higher. I have been to Kona four times and have never seen waves like this trip. As soon as we turned the corner into town we could see enormous white explosions as the waves exploded on the rocks. A high surf advisory is in effect through Friday.


Today went to snorkel at famous Kahalu’u Beach Park near Keahou Bay. But after renting our gear we read the pamphlet and the Hawaiian department in charge of the marine parks has requested that no one enter because too much human use is harming the ecosystem and the reef is dying. We decided that we did not want to add to this so we kept driving.

Instead we went north to Kekaha Kai State Park between the airport and the Four Seasons. Beautiful secluded beach reached by about a 20 minute drive over really rough lava road. Not many people and the snorkeling is good if not great as the water is rougher. But did see a sea turtle and usual assortment of fish. Facilities are limited – basically bathroom is a port – o – potty with a shed built around it and that is it. However, fun thing is it is directly in the flight path for the airport. At one point we all stood waste deep in the ocean and watched a 747 landing directly above our heads – pretty surreal and cool thing to see so this spot is worth the trek for those looking for an out-of-the way place with a little bit of adventure but not too much.

As reported by Tim, a Stellar Travel advisor and Hawaii specialist.


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