Beginning today Sea-Tac Airport parkers will be met with two flat-rate pricing options – General Parking and Terminal Direct.

Responding to feedback from customers, the new Port of Seattle program eliminates the Hourly and Daily designations and the multi-tiered rates, which proved confusing and difficult to calculate. A new parking option, called Terminal Direct, gives parkers the fastest and most convenient place to park at the airport – the 4th floor with its direct access to the terminal.

The new rates will be $3 per hour for General Parking, $4 per hour for the convenience of Terminal Direct – on the 4th floor or sky bridge level. Rates will be clearly posted at the garage entrances.

All parking will be available for short-term or long-term access. Full day rates do not change; General Parking remains at $26 per day, with Terminal Direct at $35 per day (the same rate as the previous Hourly designation).

Stellar Travel clients have the option of lower rates at MasterPark airport parking lots. Discounted to $13.50 for Lots A, B, C and $14.50 at the Valet Garage (recommended), the savings over the Port of Seattle facility are significant. For frequent travelers, pre-registration of a credit card at the MasterPark Valet Garage offers a further discount to $13.95 per day. Click here for coupons

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