14702443_10157548242745461_3268252747409044554_nThere are lots of amazing animals in the zoo or aquarium, but have you ever seen a sea turtle in its natural habitat?

When I was in Maui last month, I was lucky enough to see several of them on my outrigger canoeing excursion.

In the early morning I headed out to Mokapu Beach, in front of the Andaz Resort at Wailea. The calm waters of the morning made for smooth sailing on our canoes.

It didn’t take long to spot the first sea turtle. Although sea turtles can hold their breath for long periods of time (typically 5-40 minutes, but up to 7 hours while sleeping), they surface every now and then to breathe.

I loved watching the sea turtles swim under and around our canoe, and then poke their heads out of the water just inches away from us!

Best of all, this experience is a free feature for guests of the Andaz Maui. To make it even better, why not borrow one of the resort’s complimentary Go-Pro cameras and record the experience for friends and family?

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