polar-bear_victoria-strait_northwest-passage-1920x1280Have you ever seen a polar bear in the wild?

Some of the lucky few who have are were on board the Crystal Serenity, which has just finished up the first ever cruise ship sailing of the Northwest Passage.

The first polar bears of the voyage were spotted while passing through Victoria Strait, in Canada. While sightings are never guaranteed, the Serenity’s path above the Arctic Circle offered passengers a high probability of spotting the amazing animals.

Polar bears live near the edge of sea ice where they can hunt for their primary food source, seals. Because of their dependency on sea ice for survival, polar bears are actually classified as marine mammals.

If you’d like a chance to see polar bears up close for yourself, ask your Stellar Travel to help plan the Arctic voyage of a lifetime. Although an Alaska cruise is always a great option, consider reserving a spot on Crystal’s next Northwest Passage voyage.