9f72d1388c4487028d0f6a7067000fba_tx600Perhaps you’ve snorkeled before; a lucky few may have even gone SCUBA diving. But what if you could explore the ocean depths without ever getting wet?

Crystal Cruises has the answer: with a submarine, of course.

Leading the way in their industry, they offer the first ever deep-sea submersible experience available on a cruise. The vehicle accommodates 3 people: 2 passengers, plus a certified pilot.

Crystal’s C-Explorer submarine has a clear 360-degree Plexiglas hull, providing panoramic views which are ideal for marine life sighting. While most rides are around 30 minutes, the submersible has the capacity to dive approximately 1,000 feet deep for up to 16 hours.

Temperature, pressure, and humidity are carefully maintained and monitored by a seasoned pilot. The craft travels at a leisurely pace of up to 3 knots, allowing guests to thoroughly explore their surroundings.

This experience is offered exclusively on board Esprit, Crystal’s 62-passenger yacht, during select 7-day itineraries through the Seychelles.

In addition to the Seychelles, Esprit also sails the Mediterranean Sea. With Crystal’s “all-exclusive” promise, you can expect every aspect of your voyage to be sophisticated and luxurious, with lots of unique surprises in every destination.

If you’d like to have your own incredible underwater adventure – no wetsuit needed! – ask your Stellar Travel advisor about sailing on a Crystal yacht.

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