Way out in the desert of Australia lies Uluru, a massive sandstone rock formation over a thousand feet high and nearly six hundred million years old. Sacred to the Aborigine people, Uluru is said to be the home of ancient spirits and is referred to by some as “the heart of Australia.”

Now, the sacred site is also home to a breathtaking art installation called Field of Light.

As the sun sets and the blazing orange-red monolith fades into the shadows, viewers are treated to a different kind of spectacular display: 50,000 glowing lights of all colors, a constellation which seems to be growing from the ground like flowers.

British artist Bruce Munro is the visionary behind the installation. While Field of Light has traveled to many locations around the globe, Munro initially conceived the idea 23 years ago during a camping trip Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock).

“There is something extraordinary in the area,” Munro explains. “You do feel like there’s electricity in the ground.”

How exactly did Munro bring electricity to the middle of the Australian outback? The entire project is powered by 36 solar panels, connected to projectors which send electricity through fiber optic cables to each individual bulb. It took nine months to prepare the exhibit, followed by forty people working for six weeks to finish installation.

But Field of Light won’t be at Uluru forever; the exhibition closes on March 31, 2018. To make sure you see it before it disappears, consult your Stellar Travel advisor to plan the trip of a lifetime to Australia.


Photo Credit: Zero1752

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