It can be hard to leave your comfort zone, especially when it comes to food. But these famous Hawaiian dishes are too good not to try!

1. Spam Musubi
This luncheon meat gets a bad rep. But when it’s sliced, grilled, seasoned, and bundled with sushi rice and seaweed into musubi, skeptics might just be won over!

2. Poke
Poke is Hawaiian fish tartare. Typically made with ahi, it’s flavored with salt, soy sauce, kukui nut, sesame oil, seaweed, onion, and chili to make a fresh and savory delight.

3. Saimin
Similar to Japanese ramen, saimin is more than just noodles and broth. Garnished with green onions, fish cake, eggs, and pork, it’s a local comfort food favorite.

4. Loco Moco
This hearty meal can be enjoyed any time of day. The traditional dish starts with a plate of sticky rice topped with a hamburger patty, fried egg, and salty brown gravy.

5. Shave Ice
The number one Hawaiian dessert has to be shave ice. A block of ice is shaved into a bowl or cone, then topped with flavored syrups like strawberry or passionfruit.

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Photo: Arnold Gatilao

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