Your honeymoon should be as unique as your love story. Discover the perfect mix of romance and adventure with Stellar Travel’s tailored honeymoon packages. Our expert consultants dedicate themselves to crafting a seamless, unforgettable journey just for you. Whether you dream of a private villa on a white-sand beach, a luxury safari in Africa, or a cultural escape to the heart of Paris, we are your personalized travel concierge to find your perfect honeymoon itinerary. With our attention to detail and exclusive partnerships with the world’s top resorts, every moment of your honeymoon will be a celebration of love. Contact us today to explore and find the right honeymoon package for you. Plan your perfect getaway today with Stellar Travel.

At Stellar Travel we work with couples seeking to discover “the best of the best” in honeymoon planning. Our honeymooners are delighted to be perfectly matched to accommodations, sightseeing, dining and unique experiences to create a truly personalized honeymoon.

There are three important reasons to use Stellar Travel Honeymoons:

1. We are distinguished by specialization:
Each honeymoon couple at Stellar Travel is matched to a travel consultant who specializes in the destination. For example, Kari is our Caribbean expert, our Cruise Specialist is Sheryl, and our staff of Hawaii experts know every great beach and resort for your honeymoon consideration.

2. We craft in-depth itineraries:
Each honeymoon is carefully planned, including fun sightseeing excursions, romantic dinner reservations and pre-trip consulting to be certain that every detail is just right. You can link to actual custom itineraries for more information and honeymoon ideas!

3. Stellar Travel has “insider access”:
We help our honeymooners discover both well-known and off-the-beaten path destinations. Our hotel, resort and destination management partners extend remarkable amenities and VIP upgrades to our clients. Chances are, we have been there, or assisted other honeymoon clients with exactly what you are seeking.

For some honeymoon itineraries, a modest planning fee may apply. Your planning cost will be advised in advance. For general inquiries, e-mail: or call 425.747.1900 and let our receptionist know you are a honeymooner!

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