Airlines already enforce their policies regarding carry-on luggage size, those “size wise” bins are located at almost every gate. In fact, on a recent trip we found one of the ground agents measuring bags that appeared oversized and checking those that didn’t meet the size requirements right at the gate.

But now, reports have started to come in that Hawaiian Airlines has begun weighing carry-on bags.  Hawaiian Airlines policy states any bag weighing more than 25 pounds must be checked (and may incur a $25 to $35 checked bag fee.) Now, armed with a portable scale, ground agents are weighing bags at the gate, checking them and charging a fee.  We believe this is a trend that will move through the industry as it battles the bottom line and notoriously packed overhead bins.

Airlines claim that oversized and overweight luggage not only slows down the boarding process but is a danger to passengers.  To avoid having to check (and pay for the checked bag fee) many people are packing bigger and heavier items.  In the mad dash to get off the plane it’s easy to overextend your reach, or misjudge the weight of a bag which could fall and injure other passengers.

Even if being charged an additional fee to have your oversized or overweight carry-on checked wasn’t enough, you may no longer have the items you need to get through that long haul flight; your Ipad, book, medications, etc. as you’re forced to check your bag in a hurry. Make sure to check your airlines website for current carry-on bag policy or ask your Stellar Travel Advisor for assistance.

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