While not for the faint of heart, climbing the 440-foot tall Harbor Bridge in Sydney isn’t as perilous as it might sound. Climbers are outfitted with a specially designed bridge suit as well as a securely attached safety wire.

First, climb up through the arches of the bridge, traversing catwalks and ladders. Admire the views along the way before reaching the 440-foot summit. Take in the breathtaking panorama, including Sydney Opera House and even the distant Blue Mountains, which are visible on a clear day.

If you’d like to give it a try, BridgeClimb Sydney has lots of daily tours. Choose from dawn, daytime, sunset, or nighttime tours, as well as the climbing speed that suits you. Keep in mind you must take a breathalyzer test prior to ascending, so it’s important to avoid alcohol at least 12 hours prior to your climb.

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