When you think of Venice, what comes to mind? Perhaps canals, gondolas, and palaces? It might surprise you, but Venice is also home to Italy’s most important collection of modern art, the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

The museum showcase’s American heiress Peggy Guggenheim’s personal collection, most of which she acquired between 1938-1946. See works of cubism, surrealism, abstract expressionism, and more. The works are housed in a palace along the Grand Canal, which includes a lovely sculpture garden.

Notable artists on display include Picasso (The Poet, On the Beach), Dalí (Birth of Liquid Desires), Duchamp (Sad Young Man on a Train), and Pollock (The Moon Woman, Alchemy).

Next time you’re in Venice, visit the Guggenheim Collection. If you prefer exploring with an expert, you can join a contemporary art tour of the city, offered through our partner of the month – Classic Vacations. See your Stellar Travel advisor for more details.

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