How We Do It

Imagine a trip where every detail is planned, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself more. At Stellar Travel we take care of you before, during and after traveling. Below are real travel stories about WHY our customers won’t travel without us!

 An Amazing Africa Safari

The value of our travel advisor’s first-hand experience is evident in this client review. Two women travel to Africa for the first time, providing a detailed and heartfelt report.  Be sure to see their actual itinerary at the end.

Kari, our safari was a complete and total dream come to life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BW015051I will simply never be able to thank you enough for all the amazing planning and insight you had into putting our journey together. It was total perfection in so many ways … I hope your ears were burning while we were in Tanzania because throughout the trip Lisa and I kept saying how AMAZING you are and how everything was planned out for us so beautifully!

First off, having our utterly incredible guide, Joseph, travel with us to all 3 safari locations was brilliant. We now know that not everyone does it this way. Having the consistency of Joseph throughout was spot on for a variety of reasons … We developed a great comfort level with him and him with us, he was able to decide where our game drives should be each day based partly on what he knew our past days of experiences had been, he was able to care for us not only during the game drives, but also… Read more about this amazing trip to Africa

A 50th Birthday in Italy

We knew just what to recommend for this milestone birthday trip request. Using our partners in Italy for logistics, the Stellar Travel advisor created a memorable celebration vacation.  Their executive assistant sent the feedback report below.

MonasteroThank you Sheryl and Stellar Travel, here is feedback from my boss and his wife.  My boss is a Type A personality and said in the beginning of the trip that he kept checking his itinerary, but after a couple of days in the hands of IC Bellagio he stopped checking it because he knew everyone was going to be where they were supposed to be for them.  That’s big!  Both mentioned that normally vacations feel like they go too quickly, but this one didn’t because they realized they weren’t wasting time on trying to figure out how to get somewhere – everything was perfectly planned.

He said the Monastero Santa Rosa, Amalfi was by far the nicest hotel he’s ever stayed at (and he has stayed at a lot of nice hotels).  He mentioned the service, the pool and the food were all exceptional…  Read more about the 50th Birthday in Italy

Airline strikes, bad weather, missed connections…we save the day

You booked your dream trip to Italy six months ago and a day before you are leaving there is a strike that paralyzes the airline and your flight is cancelled.  If you booked direct on the airline web site, well, good luck.  If by some miracle you got through on the phone, expect to wait hours.  The website has probably crashed or there are no viable options available.

In a recent strike by Lufthansa flight attendants, Stellar Travel was on high alert and prepared as much as possible before things started to break down.  We knew the clients who would be affected and were in touch with them to provide options for rebooking their flights.  Where needed we coordinated the changes on their car and hotel reservations to match up with their new air schedule.  All of our travelers were rebooked and arrived at their destinations within a few hours of their original flight and had little disruption to their trip.

From one of our travelers inconvenienced by the strike:  “had I not have you guys, I would have been out of luck!  Thanks again for all the work on this”.       

Don’t end up like this traveler on your next trip, book with your favorite Stellar Travel Advisor!



A Danube River Cruise

A mature couple who are seasoned travelers and long-time clients wanted to experience something different.  Their advisor recommended a Danube River cruise departing from Budapest, Hungary.  Their post-trip note below describes the pleasures of exploring Europe by river.

BudaThank you for all of your help setting up our river cruise.  We had a great time!  We loved river cruising with so much to see at every moment and to hear the gurgle of water sliding by from our open stateroom sliding door.  The guides were fantastic – by far the best we’ve ever had with so much knowledge and personality.  We loved your hotel recommendation in Budapest, especially the people watching on the promenade and drifting off to sleep at night with a window view from our bed of the lighted Buda Castle. Thank you for your excellent work!   Mr. and Mrs. K