Oceanographic expert Jean-Michel Cousteau will share tales from his lifetime of underwater exploration on two Crystal voyages this fall and winter aboard Crystal Symphony and Crystal Esprit. While on board, Cousteau will share tales and experiences from his lifetime of exploring and documenting the world’s oceans, as well as his ongoing work to continue the legacy of his famous father — Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

The voyages set to feature Cousteau’s intriguing presentations are, fittingly, geographically diverse.   Crystal Symphony’s November 8th “Amazon Discovery” voyage round-trip from Fort Lauderdale; and Crystal Esprit’s December 9th “West Indies Yachting Explorer” voyage round-trip from Marigot, St. Martin through the deep Caribbean.

In addition to lectures tailored to the region of each sailing, Cousteau will offer interactive and engaging presentations discussing his father’s legend and his own legacy, as well as insights into ocean life that most captivates him, including the delicate balance of the roles of orcas and sharks. Cousteau, who is the founder of the Ocean Futures Society, will also share with travelers his conservation efforts.


Photo credit: Fronteiras do Pensamento

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