img_2344Amazing adventures are never far away when you’re on Kaua’i. If you’re heading for some outdoor fun, why share the beauty of the Garden Isle with a good-natured shelter dog?

The Kaua’i Humane Society makes it easy for visitors to take a friendly pup along for a field trip.

Guests are matched with a good-natured shelter dog for the day. They are provided with all the necessary supplies including a leash, a special “Adopt Me” vest, and a list of dog-friendly places to visit.

This program allows the shelter dogs to get exercise and stay happy and healthy while awaiting adoption, and their human counterparts get to enjoy the island life with a new friend.

While adopting a dog isn’t for everyone, around four dogs a month are adopted through this program. The Humane Society is always happy to help with off-island adoptions.

With so many gorgeous beaches and hiking paths, it’s no surprise that Kaua’i is a great place to enjoy nature with a canine companion by your side. To book your getaway to paradise, contact your Stellar Travel advisor today.

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