Effective July 13, the U.S. State Department will impose new fees for many of its passport-related products and services. The total cost of a new passport will increase from $100 to $135 for adults (age 16 and older) and from $85 to $105 for minors. Renewals will increase from $75 to $110 for adults and from $60 to $80 for minors. Travelers needing extra visa pages will pay $82. Previously, this service has been offered free. As a result, ASTA members should take this opportunity to alert travelers of the new fees.

Product / Service

Current Fee

New Fee

Adult Passport Book (First Time)



Minor Passport Book (First Time)



Adult Passport Book Renewal



Minor Passport Book Renewal



Adult Passport Card (First Time)



Minor Passport Card (First Time)



Adult Passport Card Renewal



Minor Passport Card Renewal



The complete rules and fee chart can be found on the Passport page of the State Department’s website.


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