With 45 million annual passengers expected to travel through Sea-Tac Airport by 2021, the Port of Seattle began construction of a consolidated Rental Car Facility (RCF) to meet the current and future demands of the traveling public. The RCF will support all airport-related rental car operations at one convenient location adjacent to the airport in the City of SeaTac. Construction of the facility continues at a significant pace. In the end it will have supported approximately 3,000 jobs. In addition, the port will pay into the state tax coffers over $25 million in sales tax for the entire program.

  • Scheduled to open May 2012
  • Total budget – $419 million, including bus purchase
  • Five floors / 2.1 million total square feet
  • Can process approximately 12,000 to 14,000 rental cars on a peak day.

The 23-acre RCF site is located right next to the airport, bounded by International Boulevard, State Route (SR) 518 and South 160th Street.

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