14716036_10157522218520461_7371584860055078705_nOn the Big Island of Hawaii, night time is one of the best times to grab your snorkel gear and head out to the water. You might be wondering why; after all, what is there to see after the sun goes down?

The answer is – manta rays. And you can experience it for yourself on a night manta snorkel tour, offered by Journese, one of Stellar Travel’s great partners.

After enjoying an exquisite Hawaiian sunset along with snacks and beverages, your tour will take you out onto the ocean. You’ll be provided with special flotation devices equipped with LEDs, designed to attract the manta rays’ favorite plankton. The rays feed on microscopic plankton which is drawn to light.

While you float gently at the surface of the water, look down to see the manta rays gliding around you. Don’t worry – they are completely harmless to humans.

The manta rays’ graceful movements are due to a lack of bones. Instead, they have cartilage, which makes them extremely flexible. They are filter feeders, cruising through the water with their mouths open in order to catch as many plankton as possible.

If you’d like to snorkel with amazing manta rays, call your Stellar Travel advisor today for great offers with our partners at Journese.

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