A study released last month by the Global Business Travel Association Foundation reveals the results of a survey of frequent business travelers “road warriors” and their use of technology on the road.

Business travelers increasingly use technology to make travel more productive but also to stay in touch with those back home, says a new research study that outlines different types of road warriors. Looking across all travelers, a strong majority (79%) noted they commonly bring technology on their trips to stay in touch with their family and friends. At least two-thirds bringing laptops, wireless broadband, portable GPS, and smartphones also utilizing mobile travel apps, among other tools.

In general, looking at all road warriors:

  • Majority of business travelers report there is no substitute for being there in person (78%), and enjoy traveling for work (78%).
  • Almost half of business travelers report that staying in touch on the road with family and friends (46%) and staying safe (46%) while traveling are the most important goals on trip.
  • Nearly half (46%) have to work under tight budgets, putting pressure on their travel plans.
  • The average trip lasts four days and costs $1,837 USD.
  • Business travelers tend to be college-educated (71%), 38 years old on average, and male (59%).

Understanding the differing needs and habits of business travelers is crucial to identifying pain points and easing them through new technological developments and market approaches. The study identifies five segments of travelers in the market today: The Veteran (33%), Road Weary (25%), Wide-eyed and Anxious (21%), Passionate High-Tech (14%) and New Recruits (7%) based on their travel goals, characteristics, technology usages and demographics.


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