Activist, philanthropist, president: Nelson Mandela is an icon around the world. In his native South Africa, there are many rewarding sites to visit and pay homage to this great leader. Here are a few:

Robben Island
This island-prison off the coast of Cape Town was home to Mandela from 1964-1982. He was confined to a small concrete cell, without plumbing and only a straw mat for sleep. He had to do hard labor breaking rocks into gravel. The jail is now a museum; a visit inside his cell is a moving experience.

Apartheid Museum
This Johannesburg museum celebrates the anti-apartheid movement. The exhibits will leave a profound impression for all. The experience starts outside the building, which has two entrances labeled “White” and “Non-white.” Depending on which tickets you’re randomly issued, you’ll be ushered through one of the two.

Soweto – The Mandela House
This was the home of Mandela and his family from the 1946-1990’s (although he spent many of these years on the run and as a prisoner). Audio-visuals, photographic galleries and live guides give an intriguing and rare glimpse into the Mandela’s family life during his years fighting apartheid.

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Photo: The Good News