For US travelers, TSA Precheck and Global Entry can speed up airport formalities. But what’s the difference and which one should you get? Here’s what you need to know.

TSA Precheck allows expedited screening for passengers flying domestically. Unlike the regular security lanes, Precheck doesn’t require removal of shoes, laptops, liquids, belts, or light jackets, helping you to get to your gate faster.

On the other hand, Global Entry expedites your arrival into the US through customs and immigration. Enter your PIN number at a kiosk, scan your fingerprint, and continue on your way without filling out paper arrival forms. In addition, Global Entry includes TSA Precheck within the US.

There are over 180 airports across the US that offer Precheck service. Around the world, almost 60 airports offer Global Entry kiosks. TSA Precheck costs less, at $85 for 5 years versus $100 for 5 years for Global Entry.

So, which should you get? The answer depends on your travel style. If you fly frequently within the US but rarely leave the country, TSA Precheck is ideal. However, if you take more than one international trip per year, get Global Entry – for only $15 more, you receive all the benefits of Global Entry and Precheck.

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