There’s nothing wrong with lumberjack shows and salmon bakes, but Alaska can offer so much more if you’re willing to go a little way off the beaten path. For instance, head just 45 minutes outside of Anchorage to visit a local farm.

Yet this is no ordinary farm. Here, you’ll find pastures full of musk oxen, one of the oldest surviving Arctic species. In years past, wooly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers lived side by side with musk oxen.

These days, the numbers of musk oxen have drastically decreased, so the farm was started as a preservation effort. The fur is combed from the oxen every spring and knitted into clothing by local artisans. Musk ox fur is amazingly soft and warm – by weight, it’s actually eight times warmer than sheep’s wool.

Visitors can take a short tour of the farm to learn about these incredible animals and see nearly six dozen musk oxen – and if you’re lucky, you might even spot a few babies.

Consider visiting either before, during, or after your Alaska cruise. Luxury cruise line Seabourn will be spending its first season there in fifteen years. To reserve your spot on-board, call your Stellar Travel advisor.

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