A recent segment on Oprah revealed that travel agents are among the happiest jobs in America. Travel agents, clergy, special education teachers and firefighters were all named as being among the happiest jobs in the country, thanks in part to the amount of social interaction each profession offers.

“Being a travel agent is one of the best jobs on the planet,” said Susan Bluhm, co-president of Stellar Travel in Bellevue, WA. “Seeing the world and experiencing new cultures and cuisines are terrific benefits of being an agent. But we’re really jacks-of-all-trades. We have to be skilled in sales and marketing, public relations, technology and counseling, just to name a few. It’s a great feeling at the end of a day to know that you helped someone fulfill their dreams.”

“A career in travel can make you rich in so many ways. Just as with any profession, success comes through hard-work and perseverance,” added Bluhm. “But how many people can say that while they were working their way through management, they saw the sun set on the Bosporus or went on a safari in South Africa, all as part of their job?”

* This article is a reprint of an ASTA press realease.


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