Have you ever wondered how to get a hotel room upgrade?

hotel_check_inHave you ever had the experience of checking into a hotel and the person next to you is welcomed, greeted more warmly than you and, is obviously being treated like a VIP?

That hotel guest’s travel agent may have made their hotel reservations. At Stellar Travel, one of the things we do is to “VIP” you when you are staying at one of our recommended hotels or resorts. VIP status means improved room accommodation (upgrade); a complimentary amenity (free breakfast, or wine, or a gift delivered to your room); and a designation in the hotel system that you are an important person.

As a member of Signature, Stellar Travel has relationships with over 800 hotels and resorts worldwide, and access to top hotel management that ensures VIP service for our valued clients. And, although upgrades are sometimes based on room availability, oftentimes they are guaranteed for Stellar Travel customers. We have the hotel relationships to make upgrades happen, unfortunately, you can’t VIP yourself…unless you’re a rock star!
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