You’ve been on over 80 cruises, what keeps you going back?
My husband and I can truly relax aboard a ship. We know most everything is prepaid and at our finger tips with little to no hidden cost.

Why do you enjoy Cruising?
Unpacking just once and waking up someplace new each day with 24 hour room service included – try that on a land based vacation.

When helping choose a cruise for your clients, which comes first? Cruise Line or itinerary?
I really analyze the ship and ports of call before giving an opinion.  Since I cruise so often it’s easy to come up with compelling reasons to choose one cruise over the other.

What’s your secret to keeping busy on extended sea days?
Busy? I save that for in the office! We catch up on movies or read books, take enrichment classes, enjoy the spa, lay in the sun or shade, or just talk about our ports of call.

What was your favorite cruise?
A Dalmatian Coast and Greek Isles cruise aboard Seabourn Odyssey. The ship, stateroom, service and itinerary were all top notch, and did I mention the latte bar?

Why is cruising your first recommendation for a vacation?
Guest satisfaction rate is always high with first time cruisers, I find that after people return from a cruise vacation they've become lifetime cruisers. I enjoy matching my clients with the perfect ship, perfect itinerary and to hear the excitement in their voices when they return.

Top 3 favorite ports of call:
Venice, Istanbul, and the beautiful island of Moorea.

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