Hawaiian Airlines: pilots have scheduled a strike authorization vote this week. Pilots begin voting Tuesday on a move that could allow them to strike, if the federal government approves it.

The Air Lines Pilot Association says last week’s contract negotiations did end in progress. But the union says the company won’t give salary increases over 1% without pilot concessions.

Hawaiian Airlines released this statement:

These tactics are not unusual at this point in labor negotiations and will have no effect on our operations. Progress was made at the most recent round of negotiations and more meetings are scheduled for October.

International bag fees are coming:


You may have gotten used to paying a fee to check a bag on a domestic flight, but are you ready to start paying to do so on international flights, too? American Airlines announced on Friday that it would begin charging customers $50 for checking in a second bag on flights to India and most of its European destinations. Reuters says “the fees would apply on routes to, from, or through India, as well as the countries of Belgium, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.” Customers can still check one bag at no charge.

Southwest selects WiFi: A recent entry in the Southwest blog announces that “this fall we will be moving to the next step of certifying Southwest’s full fleet with plans to begin fleetwide rollout of the Row 44 satellite service in the first quarter of 2010. Southwest is ready to have this service up and running as soon as possible and we are excited about these next steps.”


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