The results are in and the best baguette in the city of Paris has been chosen for 2016! Visitors can now head to the Saint-German-des-Pres neighborhood and taste the crusty, chewy best of the best at the Boulangerie La Parisienne.

The annual competition is judged by professional bakers and apprentices, journalists, and 6 randomly chosen citizens. This year, 155 loaves were accepted into the competition. What’s the criteria for earning the award? Appearance, cooking time, texture, smell, and taste. The jury takes about 300 bites during the judging.

Here’s the list of the top 10 in the competition:

Boulangerie La Parisienne
48 Rue Madame

2: Fournil de Lourmel
121 Avenue Felix Faure

3: Le Grenier à Pain Saint-Amand
33 bis Rue Saint-Amand

4: Boulangerie Alexine
40 rue Lepic

5: Boulangerie l’Essentiel Blanqui
73 boulevard Auguste Blanqui

6: Doucers et Traditions
85 Rue Saint-Dominique

7: La Flûte Enchantée
104 rue du Faubourg St-Antoine

8: Brun Boulangerie
193 rue de Tolbiac

9: Le Grenier à Pain Italie
52 Avenue d’Italie

10: l’Académie du Pain
30 Rue d’Alésia