Image: Eugenia Clara

A UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the more famous Buddhist temples that still remains strong today, is the Borobudur Temple in central Java, Indonesia. The temple was abandoned in the dense forest and over time became hidden amongst the terrain, until its rediscovery in 1814 by Sir Stamford Raffles, a British statesmen and author of The History of Java.

While the creation of the temple of Borobudur is unknown, its structural design is unremarkable. Made up of more than two million andesite stone, without modern technology and engineering, it is hard to fathom how this structure was built roughly before A.D. 850.

Walk through history and enjoy an up-close depiction of nirvana, all thanks to. This month, Stellar Travel is proud to announce our partnership with Seabourn and the advisors here are excited to create an itinerary, including this excursion and many others, through Seabourn’s Asia centered cruise itineraries.

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