As themed cruising becomes more popular and appreciation for artists is more present today, it’s exciting to see itineraries offered by Silversea Cruises that take you to unforgettable places and put you in the center of local culture. As you discuss your interest in art to your Stellar Travel advisor, let us design you an unforgettable ballet themed cruise through Asia.

The Silver Muse has choreographed a unique journey from Singapore to Hong Kong with soloists from the best theaters in the world. Let such beauty into your soul by choosing the Good Evening, Saigon shore excursion – spend an evening consuming traditional Vietnamese food, music, dances, and costumes. If you’re more into visual arts, experience the finest Feng Shui Gallery on the Arts & Feng Shui of the Orient Tour, an optional excursion while you’re in Singapore.

Immerse yourself in Asian culture through your journey and ask your advisor about the two exclusive onboard performances by soloists from the legendary theaters such as L’Opera de Paris and the State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia. When you participate in such a magical journey, you are doing much more than satisfying the creative side of your brain, but you’re also supporting artists who have dedicated their lives to do something that they are passionate about. It only makes the experience so much more heart felt.

The Silver Muse 13 day Ballet Voyage sails March 21st 2019


Photo: Ian Espinosa

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