As we glide gracefully into fall, all the fun fall-like flavors start to come out and remind us of why fall is one of the best seasons known to human kind! To play along with such a tasteful theme, let’s talk about cinnamon. Many of us love those tree-like branches that sit soaking in our apple ciders or are ground down to a fine powder to mix into your cinnamon bun recipe.

During a discussion about this holiday staple, Silversea Cruises was brought to the frontline of the conversation followed by trading of family recipes using the spice. Silversea has several itineraries that lead you to Sri Lank. Places like Colombo on the October 23rd, 2018 sailing aboard the Silver Muse, which provides you the opportunity to have an up-close experience dedicated to the beloved cooking ingredient.

Yes, you can actually tour a plantation and participate in the cultivation of the Ceylon Cinnamon plant. If you’re really interested in having an enriching culinary experience, then make sure you coordinate that with your Stellar Travel Advisor to make it happen on you Indian Ocean cruise. But if you’re not one for the spice itself, Silversea also has an optional excursion through Cinnamon Gardens, a town with more historical monuments and museums than food. I’d say that one way or another, let the spices guide you this fall season straight to your advisor to plan your next Silversea Cruise!


Photo:  Peyman Zehtab Fard

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