It’s time for you to start thinking of that warm, tropical destination you would like to visit this winter and we are here to help! The 2010 Farmer’s Almanac is out and they are predicting a frigid winter for those of you in the center of the U.S.


“According to the 2010 Farmers’ Almanac, this winter will see more days of shivery conditions: a winter during which temperatures will average below normal for about three-quarters of the nation.

A large area of numbingly cold temperatures will predominate from roughly east of the Continental Divide to west of the Appalachians (see map). The coldest temperatures will be over the northern Great Lakes and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. But acting almost like the bread of a sandwich, to this swath of unseasonable cold will be two regions with temperatures that will average closer to normal-the West Coast and the East Coast.”

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