More often than not, our beautiful children admit to us their inner desires and dreams like becoming a princess or race car driver. Although far from reach, as a parent, all we want to do is give into to all of their aspirations. This, kids, is a blog post just for you!

Parents, make this year’s holiday special with a surprise cruise from Miami to Miami with Regent. But, they’re completely sold out, you say? Early holiday surprise to you!

Regent was so fully aware of the popularity of this voyage that they brought us a second wind of its masterpiece. So, get ready to surprise those kids and the adults who are really kids at heart. “We’re going swimming with dolphin’s!!!!” is what you can say to them. Now, stand back and watch your household sparkle with magic and excitement. That’s right, BEST PARENT EVER!

When I said this voyage was popular the first time, I meant it. It sold out fast and this second immersive Cuban voyage won’t last long either. Call your Stellar Travel Advisor right now to ask about the March 12th – 22nd itineraries and the Blue Lagoon Island Dolphin Encounter before it sells out once again.


Image: May Manzur