In 1896, Prospectors rushed to Klondike, Canada with the hopes in finding their fortune. The Skagway wharf was created as a doorway route for the many travelers and has been popularized by its Gold Rush history. This town now becomes a hot spot for tourists, bringing more than 900,000 visitors each year. While not all of them are there for the gold, some may just be there to explore the scenes from Jack London’s book, The Call of the Wild. Whether you’re there to see through the authors eyes or do some gold panning, this is a memorable place to put on your bucket list.

Skagway and many other ports in Alaska can be a part of your itinerary with Crystal Cruises. These sailings are much like the Gold Rush and everyone is jumping aboard fast. Here at Stellar Travel, we are more than excited to help plan your next cruise and no, it’s not because we believe you’d share your panned gold with us!

Photo: Dennis Garrett

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