When you imagine Greece, what comes to mind – perhaps the ruins of Athens, the beaches of Mykonos, the cliffs of Santorini? The island of Crete is often overlooked by American travelers, despite being the largest and most populated of the Greek Isles. However, Crete is a worthy destination with much to discover in its culture, cuisine, and countryside.

History buffs will enjoy wandering the ruins of brilliant civilizations. And if you seek relaxation, the island has countless beautiful beaches to explore. Seitan Limania Beach is a picturesque sliver of heaven on the Aegean Sea.

On Crete, amazing natural landscapes are just a stone’s throw away, with steep gorges and impressive mountainscapes ideal for hiking and biking. Visiting Samaria Gorge, a National Park of Greece, is a must-do. Hikers especially enjoy the Gates, where the width of the gorge narrows to 13 feet and the sides of the gorge tower to 980 feet.

Of course, no trip would be complete without sampling the local food. Expect incredible family-style meals with some of the best cuisine in Greece – and prepare for a leisurely meal, as Cretan people spend hours eating and drinking raki or wine while sharing stories!

With all this to do and see in Crete, we recommend 5-7 nights on the island. Our partner Journese offers several beautiful seaside resorts that make the perfect home-base for exploring this incredible isle. Your Stellar Travel advisor can put it all together.



Image: Daan Huttinga

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