While we already knew Regent has some of the most memorable experiences and is one of the top luxury cruise lines to sail with, but Mr. Morton Jablin has taken it to the next level. He’s been living on the ship for 13 years and counting.

He retired back in 1989 and with his wife, Charlotte, and they became avid cruisers on a number of different cruise lines together. When his wife passed away 13 years ago, Mr. Jablin stuck with the one cruise line that made him feel most at home. Seven Seas Navigator. He is now known as “Captain Jablin” and has been living on the ship for over 13 years now. The crew has done more that provide excellent service; they have become his sea family. The company has gone above and beyond to welcome his ongoing presence and give him and all the many fellow cruisers a memorable experience that lasts.

The Captain is 90% blind and has become unable to participate in the usual onshore activities, so he stays on board and maintains the same routine: early in-room breakfast, sitting at the same corner table in the main dining room, and taking the same 2-hour walk on deck 7. When asked further about his sea family, he’s honored to share that they have personally installed brighter lights in his cabin, handrails in the bathroom, and special shaving mirror.

While this man may be living proof to the companies branding greatness, you may not be convinced to live out your years on this vessel. You can, however experience something close by joining Regent on their World Cruises offered. One thing is for certain; you can sail knowing that you will receive the utmost and sincere service that Regent provides. Contact your Stellar Travel advisor today to book your World Cruise as space is limited!

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