Airbus recently released the interior cabin drawings for its 2050 concept plane and clearly, they have some fantastic ideas of the future of flight. With the expectation that the population of the planet will have increased by 50% in 2050, Airbus is looking at design and fuel sources to get a growing population of travelers around the globe quickly, comfortably and with less environmental impact.

With what seems like a Jetson’s mindset, designers are working from the ground up. Conceptual design of its wing and body design, the Airbus Concept is being modeled after nature and the efficiency of bird flight. The interior appears to be a passengers dream; self-cleaning and acupressure seats, interactive check-in screens that guide you directly to your seat, a see through cabin so passengers will be able to enjoy the entire view. They’re even working on designs for boarding (you may be in your seat before you’re on the plane) and docking.

Below is an exciting video with some of the interior ideas for 2050 or read the ebrochure HERE.


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