Today’s cruise promotions and low prices cause reactions ranging from “this looks interesting” to “how could this be true?” The cruise experts at Stellar Travel have a list of questions they always ask before helping our clients to proceed with any cruise reservations.


1. What is the cruise ship?

2. What is the itinerary?

3. What is the stateroom category offered?

4. What is the true cost?

5. Is this the right cruise for you?

What is the cruise ship? There are wide differences between ships and between each cruise line. We have industry knowledge and travel agent insider information so you’ll know the actual age of the ship, onboard dining options, stateroom square footage and even closet size! And, if you are thinking “well, we won’t spend much time in our stateroom”, you’ll spend more time than you think in your stateroom.

What is the itinerary? Cruise lines are including more ports of call and interesting shore excursion programs but careful review is needed. What about the weather that time of year? Do you prefer more days at sea? Are the ports reached by dock or tender boats? Is there another cruise line that is offering a similar, but better itinerary?


What is the stateroom category offered?

Ocean-view can mean many things. Is it a full-size window or a porthole? And most importantly, where on the ship is your stateroom located? Will your balcony view be obstructed? On some cruise lines, lower prices are available if you agree to accept a stateroom assignment one week prior to sailing. Most experienced cruisers don’t like those kinds of surprises.

What is the true cost?

A cruise line is offering “Two-for-One” cruise fares but upon closer examination, their promotion means 50% off on certain portions of the cost, not the entire cost of the cruise. What about receiving a $1,000 per person shipboard credit, free airfare or free shore excursions? Does that mean the cruise fare is inflated higher or is it a true value to the bottom line? An experienced cruise expert will help sort it all out.

Is this the right cruise for you?

Sure you can go to cruise critic dot com or do some online research. But our cruise specialists have inspected the ships, sailed on them for personal vacations or sent other clients on these cruise lines. We get immediate and honest feedback on every cruise reservation. You deserve the answers to our five questions, too.

Susan Bluhm, Stellar Travel Co – President, has sailed on cruise vacations with Crystal Cruises, Holland America, Windstar Cruises, and Viking River Cruises.

Sheryl Graddon, Cruise Specialist, has personally sailed on 70 cruises in her travel career. Contact her with cruise questions at

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