This summer, head to Alaska to spot some of the world’s largest marine mammals. Between May and September, whales can be found there in abundance – luckily, this coincides perfectly with the Alaska cruise season.

While there are many different whale species that call Alaska home, humpbacks are among the biggest and most spectacular to watch.

Humpback whales are baleen whales, measuring 50 feet long or more and weighing up to 30-40 tons. Males also produce a complex song, which no other whale species is known to be capable of. Due to their dynamic surface behaviors, like breaching, humpback whales are especially engaging to watch.

Why not head to the Great White North on your next vacation and see some of these incredible creatures up close? For an Alaska voyage filled with unique touches you won’t find anywhere else – such as a “Caviar on the Ice” deck party – consider a cruise with Seabourn.

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