Steve McCurry, an astonishing photographer, named one of the best in his ability to capture culture, the people, and their essence of diversity in each destination. He explores deeper into what most of us take for granted or may accidentally miss when traveling elsewhere. In 2017, McCurry teamed up with Silversea in creating a unique sneak peek for travelers. They have sent him across the world to capture each destination’s unique story and he seemingly excites travelers through his images with Silversea, getting them closer to once in a lifetime experience’s.

 “It is impossible to see a Steve McCurry photograph and not wish to be there” says his good friend, Paul Theroux. And, now Silversea offers guests first-hand opportunities to join Steve through his incredible journeys across the globe.

Call your storytelling curator at Stellar Travel today to book your next cruise with Silversea and ask how to can join Steve through any upcoming sailings he will be a part of.

Photo: Steve McCurry|Silversea

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