The world continues to surprise us as scientists are able to uncover new discoveries about her unexplained phenomenon’s. In 1911, Blood Falls was discovered off the east coast of Antarctic. Geomicrobiologist, Jill Mikucki and her team, published a study in 2015 that supported the idea that there is a hidden lake underneath the permafrost of Taylor Valley that leaks a liquid with a very high salt content to the surface. The study also questions the possibly of microorganisms living environment beneath Taylor Glacier. This is also what leads scientists to believe that if life can be found in this subzero environment with little to no oxygen, then there is a possibly that life could be found on mars.

As in depth as this study really goes, you can learn from the zodiacs onboard and visit this worldly phenomenon through Seabourn’s Antarctic cruise itineraries. Natural world wonders are what excite our Stellar Travel advisor’s, so tell your advisor about what you’d like to see before the world changes and it disappears.

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