In the history of art, Paul Gauguin was well-known for his “distasteful” art style that now has become some of the most coveted art in museums, along side Picasso and Van Gogh. So, what is the connection between Paul Gauguin and the artist inspired cruise line? Gauguin was an explorer of the Tahitian archipelagos and sought its cultural beauty for his inspirations. The cruise line has used his story and his curiosity as their own inspiration for following in his footsteps. Paul Gauguin exclusively cruises in Tahiti and offers not only a comfortable and cultural experience on board, but takes guests on shore to live the music, food, and traditions.

Stellar Travel stands proudly with Paul Gauguin cruises and is amazed by their authenticity and genuine guest satisfaction. Call your advisor today and ask them about the Marquesas, Tuamotus & Society Islands itinerary. This specific itinerary departs on November 23rd and offers you a chance to meet Guest Host, June Hargrove, an Art Historian whom has studied and specialized in the art of Paul Gauguin.

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