When you think Greece, the first image that pops into many dreamer’s mind is the beautiful islands of Santorini. A paradise covered with white stone building across the landscape, some with magnificently blue roofs, explored by Princess Cruiser’s while on the Santorini shore excursion. But what makes this town so appealing to travelers?

See: During the medieval era, the Aegean islands outsmarted the many pirates, building their city high above the sea. The ability to see the unwanted guests helped keep them from invasions and protected the many beautiful structures seen today.  When staying in this off the coast, quaint town, your eyes will thank you for such beautiful scenery of the ocean and the bright tones across town.

Feel: Beyond the beautiful colors, the town’s structures were designed with environment in mind. Buildings were painted white because it retracts the heat, helping keep the interior cooler and travelers more comfortable while enjoying such dreamy weather.

Smell: Most of us have smelled (and love the smell of) the ocean before but can you say you’ve smelled the Meltemia before? Also known as the Northern winds, the Meltemia is known to a blow dry Aegean Sea breeze over the Clyclades islands from May to September. Get ready for some beach waves in your hair!

Taste: Romance has never tasted so good! Restaurants like the La Maison make for a wonderful night out, sitting at a table overlooking the picturesque sunset over the glorious ocean. Greek cuisine is not only delectable but just as colorful as the town it’s made in. You can also look forward to tasting the most exceptional wine produced from the grapes grown right in the volcanic soil of the island!

Hear: Princess Cruises offers some of the most amazing shore excursions, including spectacular tours throughout the town. During these tours, you’ll hear about the history of wine production on the island. Want something a little more tranquil? Your on-shore tour includes a peaceful walk through the town of Oia where you can view some of Santorini’s volcanoes of in the distance in the ocean. The only thing you may hear, besides from the local cafés, might be angels singing!

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